January 3, 2017

User Thank You for We Study Billionaires On Alexa

Team XAPP has focused for the past four years on building great interactive voice experiences. Sometimes, those experiences are so subtle that people don’t even notice […]
January 21, 2016
Podcasts: Getting Beyond Niche - XAPPmedia 2016

6 Podcast Strategies to Grow Audience and Revenue – White Paper

The simultaneous release of Serial's second season on Pandora and iTunes gave consumers a choice between downloading or streaming. This choice has existed on a number of platforms previously, but most podcasters seem to default to iTunes even though its technology constrains long-term success. Today we published a white paper that explores why the download model that gave podcasts their initial success now hinders their growth.
September 9, 2015
U.S. Podcast Listeners 2015

The Present and Future of Podcasting

Tomorrow, podcasters and media buyers will congregate in New York City for the Podcast Upfront Showcase 2015. Sponsored by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), this will be an opportunity for media buyers to gain exposure to a wide variety of podcasts. For podcasters it is an opportunity to gain broad exposure to agencies representing big brands with large advertising budgets.