Voice Interactive Campaigns

Integrating Alexa and Google Assistant Into Marketing Campaigns

A New Promotion Channel

Extend your marketing impact with conversational engagement through Alexa and Google Assistant

Traditional web landing pages support marketing campaigns by facilitating deeper engagement with consumers and provide a direct conduit for conversion. XAPPmedia delivers Voice Interactive Campaigns (VICs) for brands that connect consumers with their ad campaigns through engagement with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. VICs leverage the tens of millions of smart speakers and hundreds of millions of voice connected devices to create direct conversational engagement with consumers at home, on the go and in the context of the campaign.

Voice Interactive Campaign Outcomes


A common need for brands is to convey the brand and product story or related topic. VICs can deliver company or topical information in the context of a promotional campaign and enable consumers to interact with and select more information by voice.


Some marketing campaigns include deals and discounts that change or are complex enough to benefit from explanation beyond a 30-second ad slot. VICs offer a vehicle to provide additional information to consumers and drive conversions. 


Marketing strategies don’t always focus on a product or promotion. Sometimes the best way to engage consumers and stay top of mind is to entertain. Alexa and Google Assistant provide ideal vehicles to deliver entertaining content initiated by a brand conversation.

“NPR is a go-to source for news on smart speakers, and our sponsors want to engage that hard-to-reach audience. XAPP and Voice Interactive Campaigns allow sponsors to deliver thoughtful and informative extensions of their sponsor messages. It is a turn-key way for sponsors to further engage the NPR audience and enhance their campaigns, in a unique and innovative manner." - Bryan Moffett, COO National Public Media

Lagunitas Brewing Company

Objective // Deeper Consumer Brand Engagement

Lagunitas has a unique brand story that few customers are aware of. The story includes both the inspiration behind its beers and a commitment to helping animal welfare causes. Lagunitas launched Alexa skill and Google Assistant Action VICs to augment a national advertising campaign and create deeper brand engagement.

Solution // Tell the Brand Story, Entertain Consumers, Help Dogs

Composing Beer
A VIC content segment explains how the founder Tony Magee brews his beer by first drawing inspiration through musical composition.

Entertaining Consumers
A 30-minute playlist of songs by bands that played in Lagunitas Taprooms as part of the NPR Tiny-Desk series offers an on-brand “just-for-fun” user experience.

Adopting Pets
The Lagunitas logo is a dog and the company is committed to working with animal welfare organizations. The VIC provides a venue to talk about helping animals.

Trusted By

Mattress Firm

Objective // Become a Trusted Information Source

Mattress Firm wants to be viewed as a trusted source of information about all topics related to sleep. This includes content about sleep tips and how to buy a mattress that are accessible through an Amazon Alexa skill and Google Assistant Action. And, of course, Mattress Firm would like to drive more awareness of sales and promotions. A VIC amplifies these marketing efforts.

Solution // Educate and Promote Healthy Sleep Habits

Sleep Tips –  A core element of the VIC is content. Mattress Firm offers educational tips on how to buy a mattress and sleep better. This is voice-based content marketing though voice assistants.  

Latest Deals – The inclusion of the latest deals and discounts offers useful information for prospective mattress buyers and offers them a reason to check back in with the voice app.


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