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User Thank You for We Study Billionaires On Alexa

Team XAPP has focused for the past four years on building great interactive voice experiences. Sometimes, those experiences are so subtle that people don’t even notice all of the engineering behind them because they seem like such a natural voice interaction. Other times, the experience noticeably delights consumers because they aren’t expecting their home voice assistant to so seamlessly deliver their favorite audio content. The We Study Billionaires Alexa skill for The Investors Podcast (TIP) fits into the second category.

We were happy to see @NickSharma2020 was so enthusiastic about accessing TIP/We Study Billionaires through his Amazon Echo. If you would like to check out some other Alexa skills expertly designed for interactive voice experiences click below:

  • Brand Haiku – the book of brand wisdom by Joseph Benson
  • Rise Above – daily tips, motivation and all about health protein snacks by Rise Bar
  • Zika Facts – health information about the Zika virus from XAPPmedia

To learn more about building skills for Alexa, click here.