Amazon Has Tens of Millions of Alexa Devices in Use

Amazon Created the smart speaker category and Alexa has become a new mass market channel to reach consumers.

Amazon’s voice strategy is Alexa everywhere. The voice assistant is accessible through hundreds of smart home devices and integrated with thousands more. It is going into smartphones, car dashboards, televisions and even appliances. Consumers have embraced Alexa and are using it to access media and ask questions about brands. Can they find you?

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“We chose to work with XAPPmedia because their platform offered us fast time-to-market, cross voice assistant publishing and the scalability we needed to launch over 300 media properties on Alexa and Google Assistant.”
- Suzanne Grimes, EVP Cumulus Media / President Westwood One

How Companies Connect Direct

Alexa skills enable brands and media to directly engage with consumers, distribute content, execute transactions and optimize voice SEO.


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