Consumers are flocking to voice. Will your brand be heard?

Smart speakers are used by 50 million consumers in the US. More than 100 million are using voice through smartphones.

Smart speakers represent the fastest growing tech adoption since the iPhone. It is a channel with mass market reach already and will expand by 50% this year. How do you reach consumers through smart speakers and voice assistants? Create a presence by launching a voice app. XAPP is trusted by more leading brands than anyone to help them connect directly with consumers by voice.    

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E. & J. Gallo Winery

Tactics used by the first winery to have a custom voice app for Google Assistant and Alexa

CONSUMER ENGAGEMENT / In 2017, E. & J. Gallo’s Apothic Wines became the first wine brand on Google Assistant. It was designed to raise awareness of the full brand portfolio of wines. 

EXTENDING THE PRODUCT / Apothic went beyond providing product information to offer a guided wine tasting experience creating an incentive to learn about the wines by trying them.   

ON-BRAND PERSONA / The dialogue, phrasing, tempo and musical soundscapes were aligned with the brand’s alchemist persona and each varietal’s positioning. 


How can you get consumers engaged through voice? XAPP can help.