A Voice Revolution for Media

More than 50 Million U.S. adults are using smart speakers and over 100 million access voice assistants on smartphones. Voice has become a media channel with reach

The rise of voice assistants is creating a new way for consumers to access and interact with content. XAPP has helped media companies launch over 1,000 Alexa skills and Google Assistant Actions that provide instant access to live and recorded programming as well as immersive voice-interactive experiences. 


More Than 1000 Media Properties
Use Voice Cast for Alexa and Google Assistant

"Smart speakers are an important channel to reach radio listeners and we are already seeing strong uptake for our Alexa skills such as Westwood One Sports and Cumulus radio stations. Our team expects to see a lot more growth of smart speaker listening and XAPP is clearly playing an important role for the entire industry.”
- Suzanne Grimes, EVP Cumulus Media / President Westwood One

Engage Consumers with Interactive Voice

From the largest radio broadcaster to popular podcasters and video content providers, media and voice are proving to be a perfect match. 


Launch an Alexa skill and Google Action so your audience can just ask for your content.