Generate New Revenue

Smart Speakers Are the Fastest Growing Consumer Technology

Many media pros wish they had gotten an early jump on mobile, but they missed the trend. Smart speakers are actually growing faster. It's a critical digital platform for media to support today.


Smart Speakers Already Reach More Than 50 Million Adults

This is not only a fast growing device category, it is already large with 54 million U.S. users today and likely more than 70 million before year end. And, the top use case is listening to music, radio is fifth and news is seventh.

Smart Speakers are Bringing Radio Back into The Home

Radios presence in the home has declined steadily for a decade, particularly among millennials. Smart speakers are putting media in the center of the home once again.

Smart Speaker Owners are Listening to More Audio

The presence of new listening devices in the home are also increasing audio consumption. 68% of consumers report listening to more audio after buying a smart speaker.

Smart Speakers Reflect Incremental TSL

This is largely brand new TSL, brought about by a combination of the novelty of these new devices and being able to listen in rooms that may not have had a radio for a long time.

Generating Revenue Through Voice

Smart speakers and voice apps more generally represent a new revenue source for media. They provide monetization options through advertising, sponsorship and subscription sales.

Beyond the Speaker and Audio

Voice is moving into cars and anyone with an Alexa skill or Google Assistant Action will automatically be available in autos. Voice is also becoming more common on mobile driven largely by growth of Google Assistant app use and on screens using Echo Show and Spot smart displays.