Voice App Managed Service

Launch is Day One

When you decide to built a voice app there will be a lot of focus on the design, functionality and getting it packaged up for launch. To many people, launch is the end of the project. We consider it more like college graduation. 

A commencement is a new start. It is day one of your voice app in the wild. Only then will you learn how users interact with it, identify new opportunities to improve the UX, receive error or outage alerts from Amazon or Google that require attention. And, then there are updates, content refreshes and functionality enhancements. 

That is why XAPPmedia introduced the first voice app managed service. We take care of the management, maintenance, monitoring and support for your voice app and can help resolve issues quickly. We also can help you optimize your voice SEO and the voice UX through NLU tuning.

Built on the One Voice AI Platform

One Voice AI is a Voice App Management Platform. It is multi-assistant so you can manage a single voice app across multiple voice assistants. It also supports multi-modal UX deployments, with both static and dynamic content. And it offers a multi-regional deployment model to minimize session latency and provide automated failover when cloud services experience outages. One Voice AI is a secret weapon for our customers, because it makes voice app management hassle free. 

From my perspective, XAPP appears to only have one app: ours. That’s because their customer service is stellar. Thanks to XAPPmedia, Real Estate Today is on Amazon Echo and Google Home.” - Stephen Gasque, NAR (National Association of Realtors)

Full Managed Service


XAPPmedia's managed service provides automated voice app monitoring to identify performance and usability issues as they arise. We troubleshoot issues and connect directly with the voice assistant platforms for resolution when needed.


Issues arise and changes need to be made after any app launch. Do you have a plan in place to respond to requests, address complaints or make updates? XAPP experts that manage these tasks across more than 1,000 voice apps take this burden off of voice app publishers.


No conversational user experience is perfect at launch. User sessions can teach us where issues arise and how to improve the experience. XAPP offers ongoing voice UX optimization to enhance consumer engagement and address problems.


Reach out today to learn more about outsourcing the management of your voice apps.