Over 1,000 Voice Apps Launched

Speed, Scale and Ease of Use

XAPP has a long history in voice that pre-dates Amazon Alexa. That technical expertise enabled us to approach voice app development from a much different perspective than brands, media companies and agencies. From the beginning it was clear that every business was going to need voice apps and that meant the ability to streamline development, manage scale and ensure ease of use would be critical. 

That led us to develop the One Voice AI voice app management platform so we could go from 1 to 100 voice apps in less than a year and then rise again to 1,000 in only eight more months. We have assembled the infrastructure, expertise and services that enterprises need for voice app programs, from concept to production and on to ongoing management and support. 


XAPP Differentiators

EXPERIENCE /  No one has launched or managed more voice apps than XAPPmedia. We work closely with Amazon and Google on the latest features and have implemented them for some of the leading brands and media companies in the world.  

AUTOMATION /  One Voice AI is like a secret weapon for our customers’ voice initiatives. It can publish to multiple assistants, is extensible, manages scaling automatically and streamlines both voice app launch and updates. 

MANAGED SERVICE /  Once your voice app is launched, customer engagement begins along with management, maintenance and support. XAPP takes care of this so our customers don’t have to.

“From my perspective, XAPP appears to only have one app: ours. That’s because their customer service is stellar. Thanks to XAPPmedia, Real Estate Today is on Amazon Echo and Google Home.” - Stephen Gasque, NAR (National Association of Realtors)

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