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XAPPmedia and jacapps Announce Partnership to Integrate XAPP Interactive Audio Ads into the jacapps Mobile Platform

Mobile Platform Allows Hundreds of Radio Stations to Increase Mobile App Revenue

Washington, D.C. – XAPPmedia (, provider of the first interactive audio advertising service, and jacapps, the nation’s leading provider of mobile apps to the radio industry, today announced a partnership to establish JAX, a new mobile audience premium ad service. The partnership will integrate the XAPP Interactive Audio Ad Service into jacapps, the mobile platform created by Jacobs Media, and allow commercial and public radio stations to monetize their mobile apps with XAPP Ads. The JAX mobile monetization solution will include ad sales and will be available to radio stations using the jacapps mobile platform.

XAPP Ads allow consumers to instantly connect with brands and engage with advertised offers on mobile radio apps by speaking. The simple voice-activated engagement is driving conversion rates more than five times higher than mobile banner ads while providing a more natural user experience.

“Banner ads are ineffective and deliver low CPMs. Radio broadcasters with mobile apps need more effective ad formats to monetize digital audio content. Providing listeners the ability to launch a web site, call an advertiser, or download an audio file to their mobile device with simple voice activation is a great leap forward,” said Paul Jacobs, president, jacapps. “XAPP Ads provide a simple and effective way to drive consumer engagement and higher ROI, which in turn increases CPMs. The JAX solution will help radio broadcasters substantially improve their mobile monetization.”

“jacapps is the leader in helping radio broadcasters transition to digital streaming and currently supports over 300 radio stations streaming to mobile devices. JAX will help these broadcasters generate more revenue from mobile,” said Lisa Namerow, senior vice president, XAPPmedia. She added, “jacapps represents more than an app development company. Launched by the Jacobs Media team, they understand the needs of radio broadcasters as well as the highly competitive mobile audio space. It’s imperative for radio broadcasters to have the tools and guidance to build mobile audiences and generate new revenue sources. Advertisers are willing to pay a premium price for XAPP Ads because they deliver high consumer engagement rates on mobile. The JAX solution from jacapps is an ideal platform to bring these advertisers to radio.”

About JAX

JAX (jacapps + Audio + XAPPmedia) is a mobile interactive audio ad (XAPP Ads) service that hundreds of radio broadcasters using jacapps can leverage to increase revenue from their mobile audio streams. XAPP Ad’s premium format makes radio broadcasters’ mobile ad inventory more valuable to advertisers looking for consumer engagement, brand awareness and offer conversion. The JAX service provides an end-to-end mobile monetization solution for broadcasters that includes audio delivery on mobile, ad sales, ad production, ad ops, ad serving and revenue management.

Learn more about how your radio station can take advantage of this new, high-value solution to drive more mobile revenue by contacting: Alex Burnstein (248-353-9030) or

About jacapps

With close to 900 apps developed that have generated more than 20 million downloads, jacapps is a leading developer of mobile applications for businesses and organizations worldwide. Major jacapps brands include public radio’s “Car Talk,” WGN Television and Radio, WEEI (Boston), Food Tripping, 100.3 The Sound (Los Angeles), WMMR (Philadelphia), and countless others.

About XAPPmedia

XAPPmedia™ is the leader in interactive audio advertising and content services and is the first company to Give Consumers a Voice™ allowing instant, voice-activated connections with brands and audio content through mobile apps. Unlike other mobile ad formats, XAPP Ads and XAPP Content Discoveries are effective even when consumers are ultramobile, which means they are listening but cannot interact with a mobile screen visually or by touch. The immediate voice conversion opportunity brings more value to advertisers and content producers and improves ad unit yield and user experience for audio app publishers. XAPPmedia was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Washington, DC.

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