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XAPPmedia Launches Interactive Audio Content Promos for Internet Radio Publishers & Advertisers

NPR One Mobile App Leverages XAPP Content Promos to
Bring Voice Interaction to Content Access

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Washington, D.C. – XAPPmedia (, provider of the first interactive audio advertising service, today announced Interactive Audio Content Promos, a proprietary voice interaction solution that allows consumers to access content by speaking while using audio apps. The microphone on mobile devices is used to allow the 100 million American consumers listening to audio through mobile apps to access content hands-free and eyes-free even when engaged in ultramobile activities such as driving, walking, exercising or working.

XAPP Content Promos simplify the ultramobile user’s experience by providing a simple and convenient way to access content presented by publishers and advertisers. Current usage confirms that consumers easily understand how to use voice click prompts to select their preferred content without any training. As many as 12.96 percent of audio listeners interact with individual content promos when exposed to the voice interaction option.

“XAPP Content Promos are all about audience engagement,” said XAPPmedia CEO Pat Higbie. “Whether you’re a publisher or advertiser, engaging consumers and maintaining their attention is a constant struggle. XAPP Content Promos connect consumers directly with audio content simply by speaking. While response rates depend on the content promoted, we have seen up to 13 percent of listeners use the XAPP voice click to engage with promoted content on the NPR One app. Voice driven interactivity is proving to be a tremendous tool for promoting content and exposing consumers to new audio programming.”

NPR Taps Into Interactive Audio Content Promos

NPR currently employs XAPP Content Promos in its NPR One and NPR News apps to expose listeners to new content and to give them the option to hear it immediately by repeating a simple action phrase such as PLAY NEXT.

“NPR was the first radio publisher to provide this voice-activated feature, allowing listeners to literally ‘talk back’ to the app and have it play a specific story or hear a sample from a different program,” said Bryan Moffett, vice president of digital strategy and ad operations at National Public Media. “Users often are listening with our apps in background mode, and cannot easily touch or look at their devices. The option of voice response improves the experience and gives them greater control. We’ve also seen great response from the audience on these voice offerings.”

About XAPPmedia

XAPPmedia™ is the leader in interactive audio advertising and content services and is the first company to Give Consumers a Voice™ allowing instant, voice-activated connections with brands and audio content through mobile apps. Unlike other mobile ad formats, XAPP Ads and XAPP Content Promos are effective even when consumers are ultramobile, which means they are listening but cannot interact with a mobile screen visually or by touch. The immediate voice conversion opportunity brings more value to advertisers and content producers and improves ad unit yield and user experience for audio app publishers. XAPPmedia was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Washington, DC.

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