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Watch Now – RAIN / XAPPmedia Internet Radio & Streaming Report Webinar

After collecting responses from over 300 industry insiders about the future of internet radio and other streaming services, XAPPmedia and RAIN News held a free webinar to present the findings. The webinar, presented by Brad Hill of RAIN News and Bret Kinsella of XAPPmedia, covered topics ranging from time spent listening to the future of podcasting. Some other areas included:

  • Ad loads on Internet radio
  • Ad loads on broadcast radio
  • Ad rates and subscription pricing for streaming services
  • Audio webcasting royalty rates

Last week, XAPPmedia published an eBook with the findings from the survey. To download the full eBook report, complete with graphs and statistics, click on the button below.
Download XAPP eBook


To watch the full webinar that originally aired last month, click on the video below.

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