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Download the Internet Radio Ad Load Report

Advertising is quickly becoming the primary economic engine for Internet radio and music streaming services. However, there is very little data available on how the industry is implementing its ad serving strategies. Nor is there data on the emerging practices and norms. This makes it harder for advertisers to understand what they should expect and what options they can leverage.

To fill this gap, XAPPmedia collected data between November 2014 and January 2015 to shed light on Internet radio ad serving practices over the winter holiday shopping season. The results and analysis are included in the Internet Radio Ad Load Report – Holiday 2014.

Download Report Here

The First Broad Industry View into Ad Serving Practices

The 11-page report provides data on more than ten different ad-serving metrics including:

  • Hourly ad load
  • Ad load average by month
  • Average number of ads per hour
  • Time to first ad from session start
  • Percent of ads in 30-second format
  • Number of advertisers identified by month
  • List of national and local advertisers identified

The results are also placed in context of current Internet radio trends related to ad-supported user growth, consumer reaction to ad insertion, and industry seasonality. We hope you find the Internet Radio Ad Load Report becomes a useful resource as your look for new insights on the industry’s ad-driven future.

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