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Industry Insiders Speak Out – New eBook on Survey Results

In February, XAPPmedia collaborated with RAIN News to find out what industry insiders think about the future of Internet radio and streaming services. Over 300 executives responded to the survey sharing their expectations on a variety of topics including:

  • Time spent listening
  • Ad loads on both Internet and broadcast radio
  • Ad rates and subscription pricing for streaming services
  • Audio webcasting royalty rates
  • The future of podcasting

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Filling a Market Data Gap

Radio & Streaming Survey RespondentsThese are just a few of the topics covered in the 16-page eBook. We initiated the research because of a gap in market data. There is a growing body of research of broad market metrics such as total users, total listening hours and industry revenue from organizations ranging from BIA/Kelsey and SNL Kagen to eMarketer. Edison Research and Nielsen have also contributed meaningful data on user behavior such as what type of audio content is being consumed, where listening occurs, what devices are used, and daily consumption habits.

However, no one was considering the perspective of the people with a front row seat. This survey captured industry insider views with 29% self-identifying as working for an Internet radio or streaming service. Another 30% claimed a broadcast radio background, with about half of those also managing supplementary streaming services. Another 9% were recorded as technology providers and the remainder held a variety of positions in and around the industry.

What Do Insider’s Think?

The insiders have a different perspective than a lot of the industry pundits. They are not as bullish on subscription growth and expect more focus on driving increased ad revenue. They also expect increases in time spent listening, ad loads and ad rates for streaming services, but a decline in ad loads and audience for broadcast radio. To see the full results, download the eBook now.
Download XAPP eBook


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