XAPPmedia was formed in 2012 to help brands and media connect directly with consumers using voice AI. The web brought us clicks, links and instant connectivity between content and consumers. Mobile introduced touch, apps and on-the-go connectivity. Both of those technology revolutions brought tremendous benefit, but they also tethered interaction to manual inputs and visual outputs. And, consumers had to adapt their behavior to match the rigid input and output technology requirements. Voice interaction is rising so quickly because it eliminates friction, enhances convenience and changes the nature of interactions. Voice AI represents both a new interface and a new platform for consumer engagement. Consumers simply, “ask and get.” There are no other steps.

Consumers Flock to Alexa and Google Assistant

The rapid consumer adoption of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant has taken many people by surprise. Siri introduced many of us to voice interaction that could execute a narrow set of utilitarian tasks once we learned how to talk to her. Alexa and Google Assistant learned how to understand us and provide a much broader set of services, information and entertainment. Consumers intuitively understand the value and have made smart speakers the fastest growing technology adoption in history, even surpassing smartphones. Now, these more robust voice assistants have suddenly migrated outside of smart speakers to smartphones, televisions, automobiles and a variety of appliances and IoT devices. Voice is suddenly everywhere.

A Path to Voice for Brands and Media

New technology and interaction modes, require new tools. That is the origin of XAPP’s One Voice AI platform and Voice Managed Services. They are designed to help brands, media and other organizations launch and manage voice apps with enterprise scalability, reliability and ease of use. This recipe has made XAPPmedia the most trusted name in voice with over 1,000 voice apps

We work directly with app publishers, agencies and other organizations to create a robust voice presence and ensure it is reliably maintained in production. Consumers are asking voice assistants for information about products and to access entertainment. Will your brand or content be heard in these conversations? Will it be a choice? XAPP makes it easy to connect direct with consumers using Voice AI.

Why XAPPmedia is in business

XAPPmedia enable brands and media to connect directly with consumers through interactive voice technologies.

How we do it

We provide a voice app platform that makes it simple for brands and media to deploy and maintain voice interactive experiences through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana.

What we do

We harness voice, cloud and scalable serverless technologies to deliver a managed service for multi-assistant and multimodal voice apps from a single account and code base

Who we serve

We deliver voice solutions for brands and media companies.