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New BIA/Kelsey Report: voice interactivity in audio ads could help drive up the eCPM in Internet radio inventory

BIA/Kelsey Internet Radio ReportThere is a new report out today by BIA/Kelsey focusing on audience and advertiser movement to Internet radio. In the “Internet Radio Revolution Has Arrived” BIA/Kelsey analysts define the five phases of change in the media industry. In the fourth phase Advertisers allocate an “experimental budget” to assess the new opportunity. The report suggests that Internet radio is entering the fifth phase when Media Companies and publishers take the medium seriously as an advertising channel.

“As audiences embrace these new platforms and services, listening both expands in total time and extends to new locations and contexts. Inevitably, advertisers will follow.” BIA/Kelsey

The Impact of Interactive Audio Ads

The report also analyzes the impact Interactive Audio Ads are likely to have by driving up eCPM for Internet radio inventory and ROI for advertisers. The findings include:

The digital media industry increasingly relies on mobile to reach users. BIA/Kelsey has seen cost-per-click and other ad metrics decline in mobile due in part to the lower attractiveness and efficacy of smaller screens. However, interactive audio ads utilize not only the proven performance of audio ads but further leverage the kinds of engagement and ROI seen in digital media. As the Internet becomes a predominately mobile experience for more users, innovations like interactive audio ads may help to combine the strengths of traditional and digital media for both audiences and advertisers.

Download BIA/Kelsey Report Here

Capitalizing on Shifting Consumer Behaviors

At XAPP, we can see how the convenience and ubiquity of mobile audio consumption is creating new consumer behaviors and advertising opportunities. We can also see that the Internet radio ecosystem needs new tools to take advantage of the unique characteristics of the mobile audio experience. Interactive Audio Ads that harness voice-activated engagement is a natural extension of the audio experience.

We developed XAPP Ads to help increase the value of Internet radio ad inventory for both advertises and publishers while simultaneously creating a better consumer experience. See what BIA/Kelsey has to say here.

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