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Connecting Consumers with Brands through Interactive Audio Advertising

Since 1922, radio has been an effective channel to reach large consumer audiences with one-way advertising communications. However, the advent of digital advertising created a new set of expectations around driving immediate conversion by click.

“Of course, it is impossible to click on an ad that is purely audio in nature.”
IAB 2011 Digital Audio Advertising Overview

Terrestrial radio has no answer to this expectation and Internet audio still relies on the same techniques as digital print publications: banners, videos, and tiles. The problem is that mobile listeners are rarely looking at their screen so visual ads realize low click through rates (CTR). That gave us an idea. With over 56% of all Internet audio consumed on smart mobile devices, why not use the microphone?

XAPP Ads: the first Voice Click


Lumber Liquidators XAPP Ad on NPR

What if you could interact with an offer simply by speaking? This would create more convenience for consumers and introduce an entirely new way to connect them instantly with advertised offers. Reducing friction in the ad conversion process brings more value to advertisers while introducing a high value ad unit for publishers.

That is what XAPPmedia set out to build in November 2012. After 17 months of stealth development, today we announced the first voice-click technology for audio advertising. The solution is being offered to advertisers now by NPR with the first ads to be served in the next few days.

You no longer need to remember an eight hundred number or company URL, you can simply say, CALL NOW, TELL ME MORE, SEND COUPON, BUY IT, GO TO or DOWNLOAD APP. The connection with an advertised offer is then completed instantly on your mobile device. These are voice-activated actions that bring value to consumers, advertisers and audio publishers alike.

XAPP Ads: the first Interactive Audio Ads

Before XAPP Ads, all interactions with mobile advertisements were driven by touch. However, interacting by voice is a more natural engagement option when consuming audio content. Your voice is available even when your hands and eyes are otherwise occupied.

Easy for Consumers and Advertisers

Just as important, interaction is driven by consumer choice. The consumer chooses to speak the action phrase to interact with the advertised offer or hear more information. If the offer is not relevant, the consumer says nothing and gets back to more audio content. It’s that easy.

It’s also easy for advertisers. XAPP Ads are designed to leverage traditional audio creative that can be turned into a XAPP Ad in minutes through a point-and-click interface. You do not need large budgets to build compelling rich media creative. XAPP Ads are focused on simple audio advertisements that drive instant conversions.

Click the Gallery here to experience examples of XAPP Ads.

To learn more about using XAPP Ads in your campaigns, please contact us by clicking here.

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