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Driving Mobile App Installs – there’s a XAPP Ad for that

The advertising trade press in recent weeks included a number of stories about new ad units to drive mobile app installs. Google announced that it will offer new features specifically for mobile app installs through its Adwords products. This move followed announcements by Twitter, Facebook and Yahoo. Twitter even used mobile app installs as the first big product announcement leveraging its recently acquired MoPub platform.

Why App Installs?

As with most things in advertising, the moves are driven by money. Mashable reported that “Facebook ad partner Adknowledge estimates that up to 70% of Facebook’s mobile ad revenues come from app-install ads.” If this estimate is true, then Facebook earned over $900 million in app install ad revenue in Q1 of this year alone. This is clearly a multi-billion dollar industry.
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The four largest mobile ad publishers don’t all move in unison on a whim. Their data shows that advertisers are aggressively promoting app installs. This isn’t surprising given that so many companies use mobile apps today as gateways to drive product sales, in-app game purchases or foot-traffic to stores. In fact, when NPR went out to sell XAPP Ads to its customers, the first sale was to Lumber Liquidators for, you guessed it, a DOWNLOAD APP ad.

Mobile Audio can Capitalize on this Trend

The best time to prompt a new app install is when a consumer is already engaged with their mobile device. Facebook and Twitter users have shifted sharply to mobile, which means a lot of opportunities to encourage new app installs. Mobile Audio, whether from Internet radio pure plays, podcasters or live streams from broadcasters, offer a similar opportunity. With over 90 million listeners consuming audio content each month on mobile devices, this should be an area of ad sales focus.

At XAPPmedia, we purposely launched with a select number of high-impact interactive audio ad units that could drive conversion for advertisers. The DOWNLOAD APP ad unit made the shortlist for the same reason that the big display ad networks and publishers are now focusing in this area.  The difference with XAPP Ads is that they are purpose-built for the audio consumption experience.

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