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XAPPmedia the Only Voice Company with Official Recognition from Amazon, Google and Microsoft

And then there was one. The entire XAPPmedia team was proud when we were among only 20 companies to be recognized by Amazon on its Alexa Skill Builders and Tools web page. We were excited again when Google offered us similar distinction for Google Assistant and XAPP became among just five companies to receive official recognition by both companies. Earlier this month, XAPP was again recognized by Microsoft for our work with its Cortana voice assistant. On that day, we became the only company cited by all three voice assistant leaders.

Why XAPP Rose to the Top of the List

While the new voice platform hosts are tech giants and household names, many of the partners they recognized are not. This is because so few companies understand voice interactivity or have developed technology to support voice user experiences. XAPP is unique in this regard.

In 2013, XAPP pioneered technology that enabled voice interactive audio experiences on mobile. We have worked with some of the largest consumer brands, radio and streaming platforms over the past four years enabling voice interactions with consumers. When Amazon Echo sales took off and the company was looking for partners to help brands and media take advantage of the Alexa voice assistant, XAPP was an obvious choice. We understand the technology and understand how to design interactive voice experiences that deliver audio content at scale.

Google and Microsoft saw that experience combined with our leadership building for Amazon Alexa. Again, XAPP became an obvious choice. We also saw the opportunity for our customers to connect with consumers on all three platforms. It was a natural fit.

How This Benefits XAPP Customers

This is about more than accolades. Its about serving our customers. The relationships we have with Amazon, Google and Microsoft means we have early insight into new features, direct relationships with the engineering teams and better understanding of the certification processes. That offers distinct benefits to our customers in reducing the time to certify, in implementing new features, and in providing consistent voice experiences for their brands across the Alexa, Google Assistant and Cortana.

There is a difference when someone says, “they are working with Amazon and Google” and when they are officially recognized by these companies. The former suggests they have spoken to a business development representative and the latter is something that can deliver tangible benefits now and in the future. That is what we are doing with all three voice platform leaders and our customers ranging from big brands to radio and media companies see the difference.

More Will Come, But XAPP is Singular for a Reason

We fully expect more companies will eventually be acknowledged by all the three voice assistant leaders. However, today XAPP stands alone as a voice assistant developer recognized by Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Those relationships will only extend our ability to stay ahead of the market and bring that advantage to our customers.


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