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Google Names XAPP Top Agency for Google Home Actions

google-xapp-partnerLast week Google named XAPPmedia as a recommended partner for brands looking to get on Google Assistant.  XAPPmedia is proud to be one of just six agencies to earn this distinction from Google and to be one of only five companies recognized by both the Amazon Alexa and Actions on Google teams.

Google has recognized us as a preferred agency because we helped deploy one of the most prominent Actions on Google for global brands for Progressive Insurance with more coming soon. However, we’re really more of a technology company that can help brands, agencies, entertainment and media companies navigate the rapidly emerging world of interactive voice applications. By navigate, we mean XAPP can take you from concept to operations and even maintain and update the voice assistant applications over time. XAPP manages the entire voice application lifecycle in some instances and in others we supplement an agency or internal team.

Trusted Experience Behind Hundreds of Interactive Voice Experiences

After four years and hundreds of interactive voice experiences, we have learned a thing or two about design, development and tooling for voice applications running on Amazon Alexa, Actions on Google, Microsoft Cortana and mobile platforms. We have also developed tools that enable rapid prototyping within 24 hours and XAPP provides robust content management, monitoring, analytics and maintenance for published actions.

To learn more about partnering with XAPP to develop your own Action on Google, click here.


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