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Alexa Skills Require Voice Experiences That Differ from Our Visual Past

alexa-echoLast fall there were 14 Skills for Amazon’s Alexa voice service (See: What is Alexa) that consumers could access through the Amazon Echo. By January that number had climbed to 135 and then to 1000 Skills by June. Less than two months later the number is more than 2000 Skills. Skills are interactive voice experiences that add to Alexa’s knowledge base. While Alexa knows a lot about music and news, she is hungry to learn much, much more and she wants to learn from you. Skills enable you to teach her about new and interesting topics and help your customers connect with you in a more convenient way. Without a Skill, Alexa doesn’t know how to present your brand to consumers.

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Voice is as Different from Touch as Sight is from Sound

Voice experiences differ significantly from the visual experiences you find in mobile apps and on the web. What works for visual consumption often does not work for audio listening. And, the fundamentals behind touch interaction do not translate directly into voice interaction.

Mobile apps required designers to rethink the user engagement strategies that dominated the web. Smaller screen sizes and different use cases quickly revealed that approaches that worked in the old desktop medium didn’t translate well into the new mobile medium. However, they were still using the same visual plus touch (or click) model, just in different ways. Alexa and other voice platforms represent a radical departure for user experience designers. Very few understand the fundamentals of coupling audio consumption with voice interaction.

XAPP Has Expertise and Tools for Building Voice User Experiences on Alexa

XAPP has built unique capabilities around designing, building and managing voice experiences. We have designed and implemented hundreds of these experiences for audio content discovery, mobile audio advertising and Alexa. In fact, we were the first company to introduce voice interaction to mobile audio services such as streaming music, news and podcasting. A lot of that work involved introducing consumer brands and organizations to voice experiences and helping them navigate the transition from visual to audio.

Alexa is a new voice interaction ecosystem where we are now applying our tools and expertise on behalf of brands and organizations. We have developed tools to rapidly build Alexa Skill demos to help organizations better understand how they can leverage voice experience platforms. These same tools can be used to build custom Alexa Skills ready for submission to Amazon. If you are interested in learning what a consumer experience on Alexa for your organization could sound like, click the button below.


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