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Voicebot: Is XAPPmedia’s B100 Skill “The Future of Radio?”

Last week, Voicebot covered the launch of Federated Media’s B100 Amazon Alexa skill developed by XAPPmedia. The article discusses how the skill is different from others currently offered by radio stations because it is offers more than just a live simulcast or Flash Briefing. Instead, the app provides listeners three options to choose from: live stream, on-demand streaming or podcasts. The article also states:

“Another nice touch is that the introduction to the skill is not Alexa’s voice. It is the voice of an on-air B100 radio personality. That alone makes it welcoming and distinct from so many other skills.”

It also goes on to discuss how despite the fact that 93% of Americans listen to radio each week, listening time has declined overall. Skills like B100 could be the future of radio, quoting XAPPmedia CEO Pat Higbie:

“Alexa provides a new opportunity for broadcasters to bring radio back into the home and make radio an interactive listening experience for the first time.”

To read the full article and analysis, click here or on the image below:



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