End-to-End Voice Solutions

From Upfront Strategy & Roadmap Planning to UX Design and Development
to Ongoing Voice Strategy, SEO & Cloud Management Services

Alexa Skills and Google Actions are More Than a Design and Some Code

To succeed, you must take an end-to-end voice app lifecycle approach from planning through monitoring, support and optimization.

What is involved in launching a voice app? XAPP has brought more than 1,100 Alexa skills and Google Actions to market for leading brands and media companies. We learned early on that there is much more to launching a successful voice app than simply documenting a design and implementing the code. The best voice apps start with a solid strategy, clear objectives and an excellent design. Robust testing is also required before certification and launch. That must be followed by promotion to drive awareness among users.

In production, voice apps must be monitored for performance and managed to implement changes. Finally, there is work to tune the UX and optimize for voice SEO. XAPPmedia can provide all of these capabilities or a subset as needed. However, every voice project requires full lifecycle coverage. Are you prepared?

The End-to-End Voice App Lifecycle

Strategy / These services are about aligning the voice app objectives, defining the UX concept, understanding the competitive landscape, and planning for voice SEO.

Design / The design details requirements, but also takes into account the limitations and differences among the voice assistant platforms.

Development / XAPP’s One Voice AI platform streamlines development and enables multi-assistant voice app publishing from a common code base reducing cost and time-to-market.

Testing & Certification / During and after development, rigorous unit, system and real-world user testing should take place before voice assistant certification.

Launch & Promotion / Voice app discovery remains a challenge, but the launch provides an opportunity to quickly raise awareness and engage initial users.

Monitoring & Management / Launch is Day 1. After you launch, the voice app must be monitored to ensure reliable performance and manage necessary updates.

Support & Maintenance / When issues arise or the voice assistant platforms make updates or release new features, it is critical to have a team ready to troubleshoot and make changes to maintain performance.

UX & SEO Optimization / After launch is when the real learning begins. User interactions highlight areas where an updated UX can improve user engagement and how SEO can be refined to drive more referral discovery.

Partnering with Agencies

XAPPmedia works directly with brands but very often collaborates with agencies to bring voice apps to launch. Our solution model is designed to fill in the gaps that agencies may have across the voice app lifecycle. We can provide full lifecycle services and deliver and sustain a completed voice app or offer point solutions that incorporate strategy and design from the agency. XAPP’s offerings are designed for the robust scalability requirements of global brands while providing flexibility, speed-to-launch, and hassle-free sustainment.  

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Launch is Day One

One Voice AI™ is a platform that allows you to write a voice app once and publish it everywhere

MULTI-ASSISTANT / We are already living in a multi-voice assistant world. Presence just on Alexa or Google Assistant is insufficient. You need to be where the consumers are spending time. One Voice AI enables voice apps to be published across multiple assistants from a single code and content base. This simplifies launch, maintenance, updates and support. 

MULTIMODAL / Smart speakers introduced us all to voice-first experiences, but interactions are no longer voice-only. Google Assistant has a mobile text interface, Alexa has cards and a variety of smart displays have arrived. One Voice AI supports visual images, live streaming video, and can deliver multimodal experiences from the softball-sized Echo Spot to 70″ 4K TVs. 

AGGREGATED METRICS / By putting all of your voice apps on a single platform, it also enables metrics aggregation that provides a single view of all voice sessions regardless of the voice assistant used. 


Launching a voice app requires more than an idea and some code. But XAPP can help. Get started today.