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XAPP Interviewed as “Radio’s Most Innovative” by Jacobs Media

Jacobs Media honored XAPP with the title of “Radio’s Most Innovative” and published an in-depth interview with XAPPmedia CEO Pat Higbie.

Fred Jacobs writes, “Today’s ‘Radio’s Most Innovative’ honoree is becoming more familiar to radio broadcasters with each passing month. XAPPmedia has developed an innovative way to integrate voice commands to streaming radio streamcasts with the goal of enriching the experience on a safe and interactive platform. Like a lot of innovative technologies, XAPPmedia started with a different goal in mind but discovered that radio was, in fact, the perfect opportunity for the company.”

Read the whole article here on the Jacobs Media jacoBLOG: Radio’s Most Innovative: XAPPmedia

Jacobs Media Names XAPPmedia Radio's Most Innovative

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