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AdExchanger Names XAPPmedia as Innovative Ad Tech Company

Today’s AdExchanger article, A Banner Year For Innovative Mobile And Digital Ad Units by Allison Schiff, emphasizes the uselessness of the banner ad format and calls for advertisers to change their mentality around digital advertising. The article states, “Advertisers need to find a way to be effective with people’s time and attention – and properly price it – or consumers are going to gravitate toward ad-free subscription models…. People like advertising to subsidize their content – it just has to be done right.”

AdExchanger then names 10 tech companies that are doing it right — including XAPPmedia. Schiff writes, “More than half of all audio content is consumed while users are engaged in activities like driving, exercising, cleaning or walking. And that means that their eyeballs aren’t available to look at advertising creative. XAPPmedia allows advertisers to create audio ads with verbal calls to action…”

To read the full article, click here: A Banner Year For Innovative Mobile And Digital Ad Units

XAPPmedia featured in AdExchanger

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