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M&C Saatchi Includes XAPP Ads in Future of Ad Tech

M&C Saatchi’s Tech Blog yesterday focused on the future of Ad Tech. The examples highlighted how advertisers are leveraging technology to reinvent consumer engagement through video, with 3-D banner ads, digital out of home (DOOH) and audio. Blog author Tim Spencer says this about XAPP:

[XAPPmedia] is trying to persuade us that mobile banners need a makeover. That’s why it has been creating audio ads, which seem no different to talking ads – until you realise you’re being personally pursued for a spoken response. It’s really best described by watching the following link, but there’s some excitement surrounding the format when combined with certain calls to action, such as downloading an app, for example.

We appreciate the acknowledgement from across the pond around our efforts to reinvent audio advertising. We might add that while data shows XAPP Ads are more than ten times more effective than banner ads, we are really reinventing the audio ad. Audio ads are powerful, in part, because there is only one playing at a time. There is not an audio equivalent to banner blindness where consumers can divert their attention to other ads or content. However, the key shortcoming of traditional radio/audio ads is that they don’t accommodate two-way engagement. XAPP Ads deliver both the focused consumer attention of audio ads and the first interactive audio advertising experience. This delivers measurable engagement for advertisers and a better experience for consumers. Read the full article here.