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Internet Radio Continues Mobile Migration

Edison Research published its annual Infinite Dial report yesterday and many of the trends we have seen in the past have continued in the 2015 edition. One that correlates closely with other data we have reviewed here previously is the listener migration to mobile. Edison’s survey of over 2,000 U.S. residents concluded that 73% of online radio listeners use mobile, a 10% rise from 2014.

Infinite Dial Online Radio Chart

Many people still use computers and there is a growing use of connected televisions for audio entertainment, but Edison’s findings along with other data shows strong preference for smartphone based listening.

comScore/Millennial Media data reported in the Internet Radio Trends Report 2015 indicated that 79% of all streaming audio was consumed on mobile. Looking at these numbers together provides a more robust picture of consumer behavior. While 32% of consumers are listening to online radio on tablets, it only represents about 16% listening time. That same data suggests that PCs only represent 5% of listening time despite the fact that Edison reports that over 60% of consumers are using PCs to consume online radio at least some of the time.

The Ears Have It – they are connecting to mobile

We can conclude from these findings that PC based online radio listening may be in shorter and less frequent sessions than those on mobile. PCs underperform significantly in terms of consumer choice for audio and smartphones over perform. The data is consistent that Internet radio is increasingly a mobile medium. Advertisers looking to connect with mobile consumers have a tailor-made channel in Internet radio.

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