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DMN Asks What Customer Behavior Will Impact Marketing Most in 2016

Direct Marketing NewsDirect Marketing News (DMN) provides marketers with a comprehensive view of the marketing landscape — complete with the latest news, data and success strategies from the industry. DMN recently released an eBook where they asked industry insiders to predict the most significant ways that B2B and B2C buyers will behave differently in 2016 and how marketers can use that to their advantage. Despite the wide range of industry concentrations, there was a common theme among all 15 of the insiders’ predictions — mobile. Mobile is big and getting bigger.

VP of Global Marketing for Outbrain Lisa LaCour says, “We’ll see more personalization technologies evolve in 2016 that enable marketers to get smarter about what, where, and how they serve their messages.… Research reports in the latter half of 2015 indicated that if advertisers serve up more personalized content to consumers, they’re more likely to engage with those brands.”

Bill Muller, CMO of Visual IQ advises, “As m-commerce continues to grow in 2016, expect marketers to look for solutions that enhance their understanding of their marketing’s true impact across all channels and devices, as well as how to best allocate their spend by device to meet their goals.”

Cofounder of digital marketing firm tSunela Kaysha Kalkofen comments on consumer behavior when it comes to mobile. She says, “According to Gartner, mobile traffic in 2016 is expected to increase 59% from 2015.… As mobile use continues to dominate, so, too, does consumers’ demand for a seamless mobile experience. Marketers must master reaching their audiences through a mobile platform.”

Included in the eBook was our very own Pat Higbie who commented, “Mobile advertising growth is projected by eMarketer to exceed 40% this year. Consumers’ use of ad blocking may drive that number higher. Audio will also benefit from growing usage in daily time spent with media that is already two times higher than Facebook. Ad-supported audio will benefit from the confluence of several trends including: ad blocking, mobile ad growth, audio usage growth, and the optimization of audio ads for mobile.”

To read the full eBook from DMN, click here or on the image below.

Customer Behavior Marketing 2016 eBook

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