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Digiday Features XAPPmedia’s Pat Higbie In Alexa Monetization Article

A recent post in Digiday discusses Amazon’s approach for monetizing Alexa and its implications for publishers. The article cites how both Amazon and publishers are trying to figure out a monetization strategy for the new audio channel. XAPPmedia CEO Pat Higbie commented:

“The opportunities are large going forward. Where people are right now is trying to feel out what Amazon will allow.”

Digiday also references the Alexa radio skill XAPPmedia created for Federated Media as one way around Amazon’s current ad restrictions:

“A number of radio stations, including those owned by Federated Media, simply add the listeners tuning in through their stations’ Alexa skills to their total digital broadcast audience numbers. And because the ads in those broadcasts are already inserted to the stream by the time they come through the device, Amazon doesn’t touch these broadcasts’ ads.”

To read more, click here or on the link below.


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