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Radio World: B100 Alexa Skill is “Bringing Back the Preset Buttons”

When Federated Media and XAPP launched the B100 Alexa skill, it became the first instance in which Alexa could find a radio station by its brand name through voice commands, rather than its FCC-assigned station name. A recent article in Radio World highlights this key feature. James Derby, Federated Media’s chief strategy officer, commented:

“Given the investment we have made in building the B100 Brand in our market, this is huge. XAPPmedia’s B100 Alexa skill ensures that millions of Amazon Echo listeners will be able to find use using the brand name we’re known for, and stakes out this ‘smart speaker’ territory for us worldwide.”

CEO Pat Higbie compares the ease of being able to say “Alexa, play B100” to the early days of car radio preset buttons:

“Just the act of presetting six stations from all the stations available gave those six a preferential edge in the listener’s car. Add the fact that most people only switch between two to three of their presets on a regular basis, and the advantage those radio stations had was profound. The limited selection offered by the convenience of presets gave them an advantage.”

To read more about the B100 Alexa skill and the significant impact smart speakers will have on the radio industry, click here to view the full Radio World article or on the image below.



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