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Advertising Week Panelist Spotlight: Cathy Csukas, AdLarge Media

Cathy_Csukas_AdLargeCo-founder and President of AdLarge Media, Cathy Csukas is one of four panelists on next week’s Advertising Week panel, “Out of Touch but Still Connected: Today’s Ultramobile Consumers.” She shares what has altered over the years and how the advertising industry has worked to keep up with these ever-changing trends and technologies.

How did you wind up working on the advertising side of the business?

I came from the business side of a media company and I took advantage of a unique opportunity presented to me to learn the advertising side of the business. I have never regretted that decision to take a plunge away from the right side of my brain and into an exciting part of the industry. I found a passion working with advertisers and helping them use audio to connect with consumers.

What surprised you most when you first started working with advertisers?

How challenging their role is when trying to find the right blend of opportunities to meet a brand’s campaign objectives.

What continues to surprise you?

I am surprised all the time by how the space continues to evolve. We are constantly learning about new technology platforms and capabilities. Advertising is never at a standstill because it always adapts to consumer appetites and behavior patterns. It keeps our business fresh and challenges those of us who work in advertising to stay ahead of marketplace trends.

How has advertising in radio/audio changed from 5 or 10 years ago?

The depth of opportunities that are available to advertisers has expanded rapidly over the past decade and there is no sign of that slowing down. Audio is broadcast, digital, mobile, and even extends to social media and video platforms. Advertisers have myriad options at their disposal and can really consider a varied mix of platforms that use the power of audio to connect with their target consumers.

How have radio/audio advertisers changed in recent years, if at all?

Advertisers and their agencies are doing their homework and keeping up with the changing landscape of opportunities. They expect more from broadcast radio because of internet and mobile capabilities. Advertisers are looking for listener profiles to help them target their consumer, so it often becomes a combination of impressions and targeted impressions.

What do you think are the most important trends in radio/audio today?

To reach the consumer wherever, and however, they are consuming audio. Consumers want their entertainment and information quickly, easily, and readily available. On-demand audio is becoming increasingly more attractive to consumers and is emerging as a big component of audio advertising.

How is mobile changing the radio industry?

Mobile is advancing the radio industry. Audio is an inherently mobile medium and has always had close-to-purchase attributes. With the proliferation of smartphones, the advancement of mobile apps, and technologies like geo-targeting, radio is reaching audiences even closer to the purchase point with relevant messages that resonate with target audiences. Mobile listening is also conducive to the growing on-demand listening.

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