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XAPPmedia’s Voice Radio™ Self-Service Solution Enables Radio Broadcasters to Get on Alexa in 5 Minutes

WASHINGTON, September 27, 2017 – XAPPmedia, the leader in interactive voice engagement, today announced the launch of Voice Radio™, a self-service offering that enables radio stations to build Amazon Alexa skills online in five minutes. From there, XAPPmedia reviews and tests the skills and when ready, submits them to Amazon for certification. The whole process takes about one week until the skill is live. Voice Radio is built on top of XAPP’s Voice Media™ software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana voice assistant platforms.

Amazon Alexa Skills as a Managed Service

Voice Radio was successfully used to launch several hundred radio stations in a closed beta and XAPP is making it available for public use today. Once the custom Alexa skill is live, XAPP continues to provide radio stations with the industry’s leading managed service for voice app operation and management. Voice Radio is available on Amazon Alexa today and other platforms will be supported in the future.

“Just think. Someone at a radio station can take five minutes today to enter a few pieces of information into an online form and have their station live on Alexa next week. Our Voice Media platform provides interactive voice services for all types of media on Amazon Alexa. It also automates many of the Alexa skill development, deployment and management processes. Our beta testing proved that Voice Radio can deploy custom Alexa skills at scale. We are excited to provide a fast and affordable way for radio stations to reach their listeners directly through Amazon Alexa,” said XAPPmedia CEO and co-founder Pat Higbie.

“We began building our Voice Media platform last year to streamline Alexa skill development, deployment and management. Our four years of work with interactive voice technology and close working relationship with Amazon accelerated this process and early access to the Amazon Alexa SMAPI moved it along even faster. We have used Voice Radio to build and deploy hundreds of radio stations already. In fact, we created and submitted more than 100 Alexa skills for radio in a single day. The scalability, speed and ease of use of Voice Radio will make custom Alexa skills much more accessible to radio and enable small stations as well as large ownership groups develop direct connections with their listeners,” said Michael Myers, XAPPmedia chief product officer and co-founder.

You can learn more about Voice Radio for Amazon Alexa and pricing for the service here.

About XAPPmedia

XAPPmedia™ is the leader in delivering interactive voice experiences for brands and media and is the first company to Give Brands a Voice™ enabling instant, voice-activated connections with consumers through voice assistants and mobile audio apps. XAPP’s software solutions are applied to voice experience development, distribution and management and to mobile content delivery and advertising. XAPPmedia was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Washington, DC. Voice Radio™ is a trademark of XAPPmedia, Inc.

Media Contact:
Ava Mutchler