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XAPPmedia Transforms Joseph Benson’s Fifty-Seven Brand Haikus Book into an Amazon Alexa Skill

Author, Brand Strategist, and Filmmaker Joseph Benson Taps XAPPmedia to Deliver Fifty-Seven Brand Haikus as the First Interactive Voice Experience for Alexa Derived from a Book

WASHINGTON D.C., October 13, 2016 – XAPPmedia, the leader in interactive voice engagement, announced the availability of Brand Haiku, a new Amazon Alexa Skill based on the book Fifty-Seven Brand Haikus written by brand strategist and filmmaker Joseph Benson. This is believed to be the first book to be fully transformed into an interactive voice experience for Amazon’s Alexa.

“Joseph Benson is among the leading brand thought leaders of our time. His insights and thoughtful brand wisdom are expertly encapsulated in the book Fifty-Seven Brand Haikus and it turned out to be a great content pallet for an interactive voice experience on Amazon Alexa. Consumer brands and authors should take note of the distinctive Voice Persona™ that resonates throughout the Brand Haiku skill. In this case, Alexa’s voice is used to assist with skill navigation, but the author’s own voice delivers the Brand Haiku content to ensure a unique and engaging user experience. This is something every developer should consider as a best practice for differentiating a brand within a skill,” said XAPPmedia CEO and co-founder Pat Higbie.

Joseph Benson, “I learned a lot about creating voice user experiences from the team at XAPP. They were able to produce a unique Amazon Alexa skill that works well for both novice and expert users and seamlessly transitioned the original written content into a great interactive voice experience. I was particularly impressed that their open source tools enabled XAPPmedia to take this from idea to a live Alexa skill very quickly. You can now access Fifty-Seven Brand Haikus in its entirety through Amazon Alexa for free. There is also some extra information you won’t find in the book.”

You can learn more about the Brand Haiku skill and see a demonstration in this short video:

What is Amazon Alexa and How to Access the Brand Haiku Skill

Amazon Alexa is the voice assistant behind the popular Amazon Echo. An Alexa skill is similar to an app for a mobile device, but has added intelligence and is designed for a voice-first user experience. Media organizations, consumer brands, information services, home automation vendors and game developers are building skills to serve the millions of Amazon Alexa users. You can access Brand Haiku by saying to any Alexa-supported device, “Alexa, enable Brand Haiku.”

About Joseph Benson and Benson Brand Strategy

Joseph Benson is a brand strategist, author and filmmaker with over thirty years of experience. He defines and expresses the brand strategies for financial services, educational institutions, non-profits, healthcare, high technology, entertainment, and retail clients. Clients choose him when they are seeking to solve their most complex brand challenges such as preparing for an IPO, acquiring competitors, entering new categories, or building a brand portfolio. His films have appeared in over a dozen festivals and have been licensed to HBO. He was nominated for an Academy Award in 1982. You can learn more at

About XAPPmedia

XAPPmedia™ is the leader in delivering interactive voice experiences and is the first company to Give Brands a Voice™ allowing instant, voice-activated connections with consumers through mobile audio apps and voice assistants. XAPP’s tools can be applied to mobile content delivery, mobile advertising, voice recognition and voice experience development and maintenance. XAPPmedia was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Washington, DC.

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