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XAPPmedia Helps Jazz FM Becomes The First Custom Alexa Skill for Radio in the UK

Jazz FM yesterday announced it became the first UK radio station to launch a custom Alexa skill. XAPPmedia has helped over 500 U.S. radio stations launch Alexa skills that connect them directly with their listeners and we were excited to help Jazz FM start this trend in the UK. Jazz FM’s Content Director Nick Pitts commented:

“Smart speakers are expected to be this year’s biggest selling Christmas gift. Our Alexa skill gives our tech-savvy listeners not only a way to listen to our programmes but also to interact in a totally unique way with our output.”

Radio Can Reach a Global Audience

It is important for radio stations to note that Jazz FM is not only available to Amazon Alexa users in the UK. You can access it in the U.S. and India as well, and soon in Canada. The U.S. stations we have brought live are also available to listeners in the UK and India. While many stations aren’t focused on building an overseas audience, it is important to note that this is a potential opportunity to exploit in growing listenership.

Global Competition for Invocation Names

This also means it is all the more important to claim your invocation name now. The invocation name is how users ask for Alexa skills to get the station to play. You are not just in competition with U.S.-based radio, but also similar sounding brand names in other countries. This should heighten your sense of urgency to establish an early presence on voice assistant platforms.

Helping Media and Brands Establish a Global Voice

XAPPmedia has quickly become the leading voice app managed service provider and we are well positioned to help businesses in UK and elsewhere take advantage of voice assistant platforms like Amazon Alexa. XAPP’s new UK Director of Business Development, Kurt Edwards, summed the Jazz FM Alexa initiative by saying,

“Listening to radio is the main smart speaker use and Jazz FM is making sure they offer a world-class experience. We are excited to help Jazz FM become a pioneer in bringing UK radio into the new medium with our One Voice AI platform that makes voice application development and management fast and reliable.”

So, if you are a media company or brand in the U.S., UK, Canada, India, Japan or Germany, XAPP’s One Voice AI platform and managed service can help you become the first in your category on Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana.

Congrats to Jazz FM on their launch. Alexa users can listen to it today in the U.S., UK and India by saying, “Alexa, enable Jazz FM skill.” Enjoy!


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