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Radio Ink – XAPPmedia Helping Radio Win with Voice Apps

XAPP-media-featured-in-Radio-InkXAPPmedia co-founder and CEO Pat Higbie was featured yesterday in an interview titled, “How XAPPmedia is Helping Radio Win with Digital.” By digital, Radio Ink means voice applications such as those found in Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home.

Bringing Radio Back into the Home

In the wide-ranging interview, Higbie shares his views on the voice user experience, the rise of audio content consumption, monetization options, working with Federated Media’s James Derby, and the prospect for radio to create two-way engagement with listeners by voice. Higbie also emphasizes how the introduction of home-based voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home represent both an important technology shift and a big opportunity for radio.

Like with the Web and mobile eras, there’s going to be big winners and big losers. Voice will bring about profound improvements in listener convenience and content discovery, in addition to spontaneous connection with local talent. We think the radio stations and podcasters that deliver these improvements will be the winners. This is an enormous opportunity to bring radio back into the home.

To read the entire interview click here.