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XAPP Awarded Key Recognition for its Leading Conversational AI Platform

Optimal Conversation™ Studio (OC Studio) from XAPP AI has been recognized as one of CIOReview’s “Most Promising Conversational Platform Providers” for 2020. The award is a key endorsement of XAPP’s leadership in an industry expected to achieve $15 billion in revenue by 2024

Conversational AI Self Service Solution for Contact Centers

OC Studio is a machine teaching platform for developing and managing advanced, omni-channel Conversational AI solutions at scale.  Over 1,200 Conversational AI apps are powered by OC Studio across a wide range of industries.  OC Studio enables enterprises to leverage world-class NLU technology including Amazon Lex and Alexa, Google Dialogflow and Assistant, and Microsoft LUIS.  It provides an automated machine teaching workflow that empowers domain subject matter experts to teach custom virtual assistants just as they would train employees. You can learn more in a new article “Reimagining AI-driven Natural Conversations for Enterprises.”

XAPP AI also provides a pre-packaged solution for contact centers to reduce agent call volumes and provide responsive, 24×7 self-serve customer support through chatbots, virtual assistants and conversational voice search.  This SaaS solution can be configured and launched in under 1 hour by subject matter experts without any conversational AI experience.  And, because it is powered by OC Studio it can be enhanced to support advanced transactional use cases across a wide range of channels.  Click the Let’s Get in Touch button to schedule a demo or sign up for a Free Trial.