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WIRED on XAPP: “Forget the Click! New Interactive Ads Want to Talk With You”

WIRED Magazine recently covered XAPPmedia and interviewed CEO Pat Higbie about the interactive audio features that XAPP offers. Writer Julia Greenberg discusses the XAPP ads that NPR uses on the NPR One and NPR News mobile apps and the technology that other companies are working on to improve the digital advertising experience.

Greenberg writes, “Turns out, you can talk back to ads… The interactive NPR spot was created by XAPP Media, a young interactive audio company that hopes to bring new profits to digital radio. The idea is to show the sponsor—in this case, Ford—that you’re not only paying attention but engaged enough to respond. And XAPP’s ads do this in a way that neatly dovetails with what you’re doing at the moment. ‘It’s about making it simple, spontaneous, convenient,’ XAPP CEO and co-founder Pat Higbie says.”

“XAPP isn’t the only company working to better tailor online ads to the environment in which they’re being consumed and to make them more interactive wherever that might be.”

“In short, digital ads are working much harder to get your attention—and to prove they’ve gotten it. That involves weaving the ad into your particular online experience in new ways, whether you’re listening to a podcast in your kitchen or surfing the web on your phone.”

To read the whole article click here: Forget the Click! New Interactive Ads Want to Talk With You

Wired Magazine featuring XAPPmedia

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