Skills are the brains that deliver something useful to the user. Each skill gives Alexa additional intelligence so she can help users get what they want — in some ways skills are like mobile apps, and in other ways they are more similar to web pages. They can deliver entertainment and information, execute an action or enable control of other devices through the Alexa voice interface. The Skills also define what user intents are supported so Alexa knows how to respond.

Big Brands Want to Be Where Users Are

Brands ranging from Domino’s and Capital One to Quaker Oats and Patron Tequila have already built Skills that are providing them with a presence and a voice user experience (Voice UX) through Alexa. Skills enable consumers to order food for delivery, check their bank account information and access food and drink recipes through a simple conversational interface.

However, most brands and organizations don’t yet have presence on Alexa because they don’t have Skills. When consumers inquire of Alexa about them, there is either no response or there might be some basic information gathered from the web. These situations are missed opportunities to engage with interested consumers.

Building a Great Voice UX

XAPP is helping brands and other organizations streamline custom Alexa Skill development. We can provide guidance on what information and actions the skill should enable and design, develop and test a robust consumer experience. Developing hundreds of Voice UXs for content discovery, advertising and Alexa and measuring their performance for millions of consumer interactions has taught us a few things about best practices for voice user experiences. We can help you with your Skill development efforts or develop, manage and monitor the Skill for you from start to finish.

To learn more about XAPP’s approach to building custom Alexa Skills, click the button below.

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