Voice Cast FAQ


By using XAPPmedia to create your Alexa skill, you just have to fill out one simple form and XAPPmedia will take care of the rest.  As part of your setup fee, we provide:

» Technical set up for hosting, updating and monitoring your skill

» Review and consult on submitted information

» Quality assurance testing before submitting to Amazon

» Submission to Amazon

» Address and resolve feedback from Amazon

» Creating unique Amazon ID (pro tier)

» Providing analytics access (pro tier)

The Voice Radio Pro tier offers 2 additional features as compared to Voice Radio. Voice Radio Pro includes a branded Amazon Developer Account for your organization and access to analytics.  A branded Amazon Developer Account will show your skill as published by your organization and will help users who search for your skill by the organization.  Additionally, the month-to-month subscription price varies between the two and can be found here.


XAPP will need the following to submit a skill to the Amazon Skill Store on your behalf:

Skill Name – The name that will appear in the Alexa skill store

Invocation Name – The name listeners will use to open your skill

Logo – PNG format

Skill Summary – Description that will appear in the Alexa skill store

Keywords – Search terms for Alexa skill store

Location – Where your skill is based geographically

Audio Feed Files

Audio Intro (Optional) – Custom audio to introduce skill to user

After clicking submit on go.xappmediaai.wpengine.com, we will review your submission form and let you know if there are any issues with the information.  A member of our Customer Success team will reach out via email if we require additional information.  

After your information has been reviewed and approved, we will develop your application and submit to Amazon.  You can expect 3-5 business days after all information has been submitted and approved for your skill to be live.

Interact with your device by using a “wake-word” followed by the command. Wake-Words are designated during setup and can include Alexa, Echo, Amazon or Computer.  After a skill has been enabled, use “Alexa, open *invocation name*.

XAPPmedia fosters long-term business partnerships with its customers and is committed to customer satisfaction and quality support.  Contact our customer success team by emailing customersupport@xappmedia.com.


Skills are voice-driven Alexa capabilities. You can view available skills and enable or disable certain skills from your Alexa App, and start using enabled skills by saying specific phrase(s), called invocation names, after you activate Alexa.  Much like your phone has an “app”, your Amazon devices (Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Tap, Echo Show, etc) have skills. Users interact with their Alexa enabled device via skills.

Skills can be “default” – meaning they come pre-enabled on your Alexa device, or they can be “custom”. Custom skills are searchable in the Alexa Skills Store and offer a more robust feature set.

Yes, custom Alexa skills are free for users to enable and interact with on their Alexa-enabled devices.

To enable, you have three options:

1. Enable by voice using the voice enable command “Alexa, enable *invocation name* skill”

2. Search Amazon.com/skill for the skill name. Select your skill and follow instructions on the screen to enable.

3. Open the Alexa companion app on your mobile device. Select your skill and follow instructions on the screen to enable.

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