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As introduced by Rob Woodbridge of and originally posted here:

“Radio has always been one of the things that has been consistently ripe for mobile disruption on two fronts. The first is broadcast which is being handled by the likes of RDIO, Spotify, Pandora, Songza, iTunes Radio and now Amazon among many many others. All-told there are roughly 140 million Internet radio listeners that share their time across the new broadcasters. Not a huge global industry, but enough to warrant a rethink of the business and engagement models – which is the second piece ripe for a rethink. This is where XAPPmedia comes in.”

This 38-minute interview by Rob Woodbridge with XAPP’s CEO Pat Higbie covers a wide range of topics including: how the technology leads directly to commerce and Internet radio’s impact on ad budgets. Watch the full interview here or go to specific subjects through the links below.

1. What does XappMedia do? 2:00
2. The state of radio today 3:00
3. How to take advantage of two-way Internet radio 5:20
4. How are the leaders in Internet radio? 6:20
5. What does Apple’s acquisition of Beats mean to the industry? 7:35
6. Why did Apple buy Beats? 8:30
7. How big is the Internet radio industry? 9:45
8. How have things changed for Internet radio? 10:30
9. Will people continue to pay for radio? 13:25
10. What has to happen for radio stations to not be for-pay 15:40
11. Case study: Coka-Cola 17:00
12. What about 2-way radio station engagement? 18:00
13. Will advertisers be shocked when things can be measured? 19:10
14. Will Internet radio put downward pressure on advertising costs? 21:00
15. Why hasn’t Google moved into Internet radio? 23:00
16. What does the future of this industry look like to you? 24:25
17. What are your results? 27:20
18. Do companies need to rethink advertising to accommodate Internet radio? 29:20
19. Is this the perfect scenario to aim towards? 31:00
20. How does this technology lead directly to commerce? 34:00