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Triton Digital Offers XAPPmedia’s Interactive Audio Ads on Slacker Radio

Originally published on Business Wire.

Slacker Advertising Partners Now Have Access to XAPP Interactive Audio Ads through Triton Digital

LOS ANGELES – October 4, 2016 — Triton Digital, a leading technology provider for the audio industry, today announced its representation of XAPPmedia’s premium interactive audio ads on Slacker Radio, a leading Internet radio service. This is in addition to Slacker’s own audio inventory and programming, which Triton Digital has been representing since 2010.

“One of the reasons we chose to partner with Slacker Radio six years ago was its commitment to innovation and to growing the digital audio marketplace,” said Mike Reznick, EVP, Advertising Revenue at Triton Digital. “Incorporating XAPP interactive audio ads into its inventory shows Slacker’s continued dedication to those goals. We are happy to support Slacker Radio as it provides advertisers with access to XAPPmedia’s pioneering advertising technology to better engage mobile audiences and generate revenue.”

XAPP interactive audio ads are unique. They enable listeners to connect with brands through voice-activated calls-to-action, ideal for on-the-go consumers that cannot otherwise interact with their screen visually or by touch. Voice-activated engagement provides listeners with choice and convenience when interacting with an ad, resulting in a better ad experience while delivering higher conversion rates for advertisers.

“We started using XAPPmedia’s interactive audio in 2015, to make it more convenient for listeners to engage with our curated music channels and other content,” said Robert Wilde, VP of Analytics & Monetization at Slacker Radio. “The implementation of this technology to enable voice interaction with advertisements provides an easy way for listeners to act on ads that are relevant and interesting to them, which our leading advertising partners are already taking advantage of. A recent campaign run by a national casual restaurant chain saw this increased interaction first-hand, when their recent campaign garnered a response rate of 1.53%, which is an impressive lift of greater than 3X the typical industry standard of less than half-a-percent.”

“We are excited that advertisers are already generating such high conversion rates with XAPP Ads on Slacker, and that Triton will now make interactive audio ads available to all of their advertising partners,” said Paul Burden, SVP of Sales and Advertiser Relations at XAPPmedia. “Enabling listeners to respond to offers by voice provides the most natural user experience for mobile audio consumers. When you are walking, driving, or your mobile device is simply in a pocket or purse, touch engagement is inconvenient and often unsafe. Voice interaction is easy and fast for users and has the added benefit of improving conversion rates for advertisers.”

About Triton Digital

Triton Digital’s® ( technology has connected audio supply to advertising demand since 2006, providing the technical backbone for the digital audio marketplace. The company’s innovative technology enables both live and on-demand publishers to build audience and revenue globally. As a pioneer in the space, Triton Digital has made that audience available programmatically for the first time, maximizing audience buying efficiency for advertisers across the world.

About XAPPmedia

XAPPmedia™ is the leader in interactive audio advertising and content services and is the first company to Give Brands a Voice™ allowing instant, voice-activated connections with consumers through mobile apps and voice assistants. The immediate voice conversion brings more value to consumers, content producers and advertisers while improving both ad unit yield and user experience for audio publishers. XAPPmedia was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Washington, DC.

About Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio is next-generation personalized radio, allowing music lovers to choose from the broadest selection of human-curated music, news and sports stations that are personalized to their taste. Listeners can also create their own stations from a catalog of songs 10 times as large as the leading service. Slacker can be accessed for free from virtually any mobile device and most new car models. For more information about Slacker, or to listen for free, visit


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