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Top XAPPmedia Blogs of 2017 – Alexa Best Practices, Infographic for Brands Looking at Voice, Bravo Tango and Much More

2017 was a big year for voice assistants. It was also a big year for XAPPmedia. After launching just three voice apps in 2016, XAPPmedia was tapped to develop more than 650 in 2017. We were officially recognized as a preferred voice assistant developer by Amazon, Google and Microsoft. We also launched our self-service voice app platform, Voice Radio™, for radio broadcasters and our multi-modal, multi-assistant, managed service platform One Voice AI™. In addition, XAPP used One Voice AI to launch some of the top Google Assistant apps this year for leading brands such as National Geographic, Progressive Insurance and E. & J. Gallo. Below are the top seven blogs from this tremendous year. We look forward to seeing what new exciting developments 2018 has in store for both voice assistants and XAPPmedia.


1. XAPPmedia Announces 450 Voice Apps on Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana Served by the One Voice AI™ Platform

In October we announced that our One Voice AI™ multi-assistant platform and managed service is now operating over 450 voice apps on Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana. Between March and October of this year, XAPP grew the managed service customer based from just six voice apps to over 450. As of today, that number has grown to over 650. Read more about our One Voice AI™ platform made that possible here.


2. 9 Alexa Skill Best Practices for Brands – Report

The rapid adoption of smarts speaker and voice assistant enabled devices present an opportunity, but also a risk form brands. However, building a voice app is different from the Web or mobile which rely on visual content. Which is why we published the 9 Alexa Skill Best Practices for Brands report which outlines what we believe every brand should consider when planning their next or first voice app. To download the report, click here.


3. The Amazon Alexa Radio Report

Another one of our most popular reports from 2017 was the Amazon Alexa Radio Report. The report includes 23 charts and 16 pages of analysis based on 10 different studies to help broadcasters better understand the impact smart speakers will have on the radio industry. We at XAPP believe that radio has a bright future on voice platforms like Alexa and this report support this conviction. To download the report, click here.


4. Infographic: 15 Voice Assistant Facts Every Marketer Should Know

Voice assistants have quickly achieved two key metrics dear to all marketers: reach and frequency. Reach is a result of rapid adoption of smart speakers and the increasing use of voice assistants on smartphones. The frequency of use translates directly into regular consumer engagement. XAPP’s market research team pulled together 15 key data points about voice technology adoption that every marketer should keep in mind while planning for 2018. View here.


5. Bravo Tango by National Geographic is a Google Assistant App to Help Veterans

We were proud to be tapped by Nat Geo and their agency partner 360i to design the Bravo Tango Google Assistant app which aims to help veterans better deal with the stresses of readjusting to civilian society after combat. The Bravo Tango app includes six exercises, like brain training and mindfulness techniques developed with support from Air Force combat veteran and psychologist Michael Valdovinos. To learn more about the project, click here.


6. Amazon Echo is Bringing Back the Preset Radio Buttons. Will Your Station Be There?

Remember radio buttons in your car? This same concept is the key to gaining radio listeners on Amazon Echo. The difference is that these are now voice radio buttons. They are about making it easier for listeners to find your station using only their voice and bringing radio back into the home. Smart speakers driven by voice assistants like Amazon Alexa have created a new avenue to recapture listening time and serve radio audiences better. To read more, click here.


xappmedia-cumulus-custom-alexa-skills-live-017. XAPP Helps Cumulus Launch Network of 300 Custom Alexa Skills

This month Cumulus announced that it has launched a network of 300 custom Alexa skills. The XAPPmedia team was proud to help Cumulus bring its radio stations and syndicated content to listeners and fans around the U.S. Cumulus leadership understands that voice interactive conversational interfaces will transform how we all access information and content. To read more about the announcement, click here.