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Slacker Radio Adopts XAPP Interactive Audio To Connect Mobile Listeners To Content

Slacker New Dance First XAPP Discovery
New voice-activated content discoveries promote stations, songs and artists to improve the listener experience
WASHINGTON, DCSlacker Radio, a leading Internet radio service, and XAPPmedia, the leader in interactive audio services for advertising, content discovery and app navigation, today announced that Slacker is leveraging XAPP’s Content Discovery service to drive listener engagement across its stations.

XAPP Content Discoveries are served between music tracks, to promote stations, songs and artists and other features available on Slacker. For example, while listening to the popular “Today’s Hits” station on Slacker a listener may be presented with a teaser for related programming. Requiring no touch screen interaction, each XAPP prompts a user with the exact phrase to say if they are interested in the promotion.

Specific examples include:

  • Listen Now: Listeners can simply say, “listen now” to immediately play a recommended station
  • Set A Reminder: Listeners can say “Set Reminder” to alert them when a new station is launched.

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Providing Slacker listeners with XAPP integration enables an exciting way of surfacing recommended programming to each user based on their listening habits. In a recent survey of test listeners, 54 percent reported XAPP prompts are a fun and easy way to interact with Slacker Radio.

“At Slacker we’re one hundred percent focused on delivering the best lean-back individualized listener experience, so we’re constantly looking at innovative ways to improve how our discerning users discover new content,” said Duncan Orrell-Jones, CEO, Slacker Radio. “Allowing users to interact with content recommendations using audio prompts is a natural evolution of Slacker’s commitment to making personalized listening experiences effortless.”

The preliminary Content Discovery campaigns started in November 2015, and Slacker Radio delivered an average response rate of more than 11 times higher than mobile audio promotions that relied only on touch for listener interaction. Additionally, 14.8 percent of the total targeted Slacker audience actively engaged with at least one promotion within the first five impressions, thanks to the convenience of XAPP’s voice interaction.

“Slacker has done a fantastic job of integrating the best features of broadcast radio into the Internet radio user experience with it’s DJ-hosted stations that complement personalized listening,” commented Pat Higbie, CEO and co-founder, XAPPmedia. “It delivers a great lean-back listening experience and XAPP is excited to facilitate the discovery of Slacker’s curated content.”

About Slacker

Slacker Radio is next-generation personalized radio, allowing music lovers to choose from the broadest selection of human-curated music, news and sports stations that are personalized to their taste. Listeners can also create their own stations from a catalog of songs 10 times as large as the leading service. Slacker can be accessed for free from virtually any mobile device and most new car models. For more information about Slacker, or to listen for free, visit

About XAPPmedia

XAPPmedia™ is the leader in interactive audio services for advertising, content discovery and app navigation and is the first company to Give Consumers a Voice™ allowing instant, voice-activated connections with brands, artists and audio content through mobile apps. XAPP Ads, Content Discoveries and App Navigator services are effective even when audio consumers are ultramobile, which means they are listening but cannot interact with a mobile screen visually or by touch. The immediate voice conversion opportunity brings more value to advertisers and content producers and improves ad unit yield and user experience for audio app publishers. XAPPmedia was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Washington, DC. For more information about XAPPmedia, visit


XAPPmedia media contact:
Courtney Archibald

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