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Pat Higbie for MediaPost: Apple Music Shows Future Of Streaming Is Ad-Supported

Today, MediaPost published a featured editorial from XAPPmedia CEO Pat Higbie for its Mobile Marketing Daily section. In the article, Pat discusses Apple Music’s future now that the trial period is over for some 15 million people.

He writes, “Apple Music was quickly awash in a tidal wave of users for a free subscription, but just as the ocean returns to its “tidal” equilibrium, so do listeners. That equilibrium point for listeners is free music and that means ad-supported listening.”

“Apple’s subscription focus leaves it fighting over a small premium listener segment representing only 5 percent of the market according to Nielsen. Ninety-five percent of Internet radio and streaming music users have chosen ad-supported listening.”

To read the full article, click here or on the image below: Apple Music Shows Future Of Streaming Is Ad-Supported

Pat Higbie MediaPost Article

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