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New Webinar: Radio on Alexa. Stats, Case Studies and Best Practices

Just over a year ago, XAPP worked with Federated Media to launch the first Alexa skill that brought a customized radio experience to Amazon Echo. This wasn’t radio through an aggregator that treated every stream as an undifferentiated commodity. It carried the station’s brand, welcome messages from on-air talent, the live stream and even podcasts. B100 showed the radio industry and Amazon Echo device owners that radio listening in the home was just a spoken phrase away.

What We Learned Launching 800 Radio Stations on Alexa

XAPP built on that experience with B100 and has helped launch over 800 Amazon Alexa radio skills over the past 12 months. These launches range from big radio groups like Cumulus and Scripps to regional groups and single stations like Radio Dubuque and The Journey. It even includes a rapidly growing set of stations in the UK. On May 1st, XAPP will hold our first webinar discussing what we learned launching 800 radio stations such as:

    • What the data show about radio on Alexa
    • Case studies from some live customers
    • Best practices for launching on Alexa

Webinar: Radio on Alexa Stats, Case Studies and Best Practices
Date: Tuesday, May 1st
Time: 1:00-1:30 pm EST

We hope you can make the 30-minute webinar that will include some time for Q&A at the end. Let us know if you have any questions in the interim. Otherwise, we will connect with you on May 1st.

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