Leidos Flight Service Privacy Policy

About This Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement (or “Statement”) relates to the Leidos Flight Service Voice Application (“Voice Application”) with regards to the information that is shared and/or collected.  It provides important information about your privacy in connection with your use of the Voice Application. Please review it carefully.

The Voice Application is provided by Leidos as a service to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) under a flight services contract.

For purposes of this Statement, “you” refers to any visitor using the Voice Application.

Acknowledging This Statement

You acknowledge that you have read this Statement and that you understand and accept it.  Your use of these Voice Applications and any dispute related to the collection of your personal information is subject to this Statement, any applicable Terms of Service (including any applicable limitations on damages and the resolution of disputes) and any applicable End User License Agreement (“EULA”).

Our Commitment to Privacy

At Leidos, your privacy is important to us. If we collect your personal information, we pledge to handle it with care and in compliance with applicable privacy and data protection laws.  We strive to provide an environment in which our employees, customers, stockholders, and partners trust us to handle personal information responsibly.

Scope of This Statement

This Statement describes what types of personal information we collect, how we use it, how we protect it, and with whom we share it. It applies to all users of the Leidos Flight Service Voice Application.

What Types of Personal Information Might be Collected When You Use the Voice Application

Information you provide voluntarily

While using the Voice Application, you may choose to voluntarily provide personal information in order to accomplish the purpose of your session. The specific information that you may choose to verbalize, speak, or utter through the Voice Application will depend on the nature of the transaction to be completed and is always voluntary.

The information you verbalize, speak, or utter through the Voice Application is owned by the FAA and will be provided to the FAA upon request.

When using the Last Minute Check feature in the Voice Application, email addresses are used to authenticate (verify the identity) Flight Service users. This information is stored on a network owned and operated by Leidos.

Information collected automatically

In addition to the personal information you may voluntarily provide, the Voice Application collects and stores anonymized information, such as the airports for which you are requesting information, as well as usage log records. This information is collected and stored to provide a better and more personalized experience for users of the Voice Application.

With Whom We Share Information Related to the Voice Application

Information collected from you or about your usage of the Voice Application will not be shared by Leidos with third parties for purposes other than in support of Leidos’ operations.

Anonymized information collected automatically is stored on a network that Leidos owns and is managed by a third party.  This anonymized data is stored indefinitely by the third party.

Leidos stores application logs and quantitative metric data, neither of which contains personal information, to help monitor system performance. This information is used to help debug errors and enhance system response times. This anonymized information is stored on a network that Leidos owns but is managed by a third party.  Leidos also interfaces with third party monitoring tools to better assist in monitoring uptime and debugging. Application log data and quantitative metric data is stored for six months by the third party.

We also store anonymized interaction data, which includes the results of both the speech-to-text translation and the system interpreted output of natural language. The information is used to tune and refine the voice application’s speech recognition and resulting responses. This anonymized information is stored on a network that Leidos owns but is managed by a third party. It is also shared with a third party analytics service to provide Leidos with an analysis tool for improving the Voice Application’s usefulness and accuracy.

How Information is Anonymized

Your interactions with the Voice Application will generate an anonymized user ID created by the voice skill. This user ID cannot be traced to any personal information.  This anonymized interaction data is stored for three months.

How We Protect Your Information

The integrity, availability and confidentiality of your personal information matters to us.  We use industry-standard and government-compliant technical, administrative and physical controls to protect personal information from unauthorized access, use and disclosure.  We also review and evaluate our security procedures and controls on an ongoing basis to consider appropriate new technology and updated methods and to help minimize risks from new security threats as they become known.

Notice to Users Outside the U.S.

Leidos is a United States-based company with operations in many other countries. From wherever you provide information or interact with the Voice Application, you should expect that it will be accessed, viewed and/or processed in the United States. Your use of the Voice Application constitutes your consent for any cross-border data transfer resulting from such use. Your information may also be shared: i) if we are required to do so by law enforcement authorities or government agencies, and (ii) in connection with investigations or other efforts to prevent illegal activities or pertaining to public safety.

Children’s Privacy

Leidos’ Voice Application is not designed to attract children under the age of 13. We ask that children under the age of 13 not submit any personal information to us if they use the Voice Application.

Updates to This Privacy Statement and to Your Personal Information

We may update this Privacy Statement periodically to reflect changes to the information collection and handling practices we’ve described here. Please check this Privacy Statement regularly for changes.

If you shared personal information with Leidos and would like to update or delete it, please visit your profile at www.1800wxbrief.com to submit any changes.

How to Contact Us

If you have questions relating to this Privacy Statement, or for any other questions you might have about our information collection and handling, please contact our LFS Service Desk at R-AFSS-NSC@leidos.com.