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Launching Your Brand on Amazon Alexa. Best Practices and Lessons Learned – Video

Of the more than 1,000 voice apps launched for brands and media companies by XAPPmedia, over 900 are Amazon Alexa skills. This experience is an order of magnitude larger than even the most prolific Alexa skill developers. The breadth and depth of experience has taught us a few things about what makes a good Alexa skill and what doesn’t. XAPPmedia’s Ryan Higbie recently conducted a webinar on Alexa skill best practices for brands and the video is included below. In this video you will learn:

  • Why brands are moving so quickly to Alexa and other voice platforms
  • Key data points that illuminate how the channel is growing
  • How Alexa differs from Google Assistant
  • Lessons learned from launching Westwood One, E. & J. Gallo and hundreds of other Alexa skills
  • 6 best practices for building and maintaining Amazon Alexa skills
  • 5 considerations for voice strategy
  • And more…


If you would like to learn more about launching an Alexa skill, please click the button below to connect with a voice expert or speak with Ryan directly.


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