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jacapps Hosts Webinar on XAPP for Broadcasters

Data show many people are streaming audio on smartphones, including broadcast radio. Data also show that these listeners prefer ad-supported streaming. So XAPPmedia and jacapps joined forces to create JAX – an opportunity for broadcasters to establish a new revenue stream and capture more daily listening by connecting with those listeners who want broadcast, but increasingly desire the convenience of using mobile devices for radio. Yesterday the jacapps blog explained how XAPP ads address the challenge of monetizing the high volume of listening we’re seeing on mobile.

The blog states, “The answer is an ad format that 1) commands high CPMs, 2) is interactive even when the app is dark, and 3) delivers value, including measurable ROI to advertisers. We think XAPP Ads ticks all three of these boxes.”

In addition to the article, a webinar is scheduled for tomorrow that will explain how XAPP creates the perfect opportunity for broadcast radio looking to capture mobile ad spending. To read the article, click here or on the image below. To sign up for the webinar, click on the button.

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Can’t make the webinar? That’s okay, just click on the button below to be sent a link of the webinar recording.

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jacapps Blog features XAPPmedia Revenue Model for Broadcasters