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Inside Radio Q&A with XAPPmedia CEO Pat Higbie

Inside Radio recently interviewed CEO Pat Higbie to discuss the impact that voice integrations and smart speakers will have for broadcast radio. His assessment? It’s all good news for radio broadcasters:

Now, there are whole new habits forming with voice and they are forming in the home. Radio has an opportunity to overcome the issues that hurt them in mobile because there’s no downloading of these voice apps. It also brings radio back into the home. All you have to do is ask for them and they play instantly. It’s very important for radio stations to move quickly. Consumers need to know they don’t need to just listen to Pandora or Spotify. They can get an equivalent or even better experience by going directly to the radio stations that they love.

He also discusses how custom Alexa radio skills will help broadcasters reach consumers directly, how these new channels can be monetized and how voice integrations will help radio remain the top audio listening choice in the car. To read the full interview, click here or the image below:



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