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How XAPP Supports Agencies and Their Client Voice App Initiatives

Many people know that XAPP has launched more than 1,000 voice apps for big brands and media organizations. However, you may not know that XAPP’s work on behalf of the world’s largest automaker, Mattress Firm, National Geographic, Luxottica and many others were all the result of a collaboration with leading marketing and advertising agencies.

XAPP is a technology company that is built first and foremost around our One Voice AI platform that is designed for the type of scale and extensibility required by leading brands and media companies. In addition, we have experience implementing voice solutions since 2013 and team member expertise going back more than a decade.

As a result, many agencies will ask for our assistance with voice app design, content development and strategy. However, just as often, those skills are brought to projects by our agency partners and we focus on technical aspects of Alexa skill and Google Action development, launch and ongoing maintenance.

Whatever the scope of our responsibilities, XAPP’s capabilities are designed to support agencies with backgrounds ranging from creative and digital to media buying. Some key reasons why agencies choose to partner with XAPP include our ability to radically simplify voice projects using our One Voice AI platform, our capabilities for post-launch management and maintenance, and our technical expertise managing the voice assistant platforms’ newest features and numerous limitations.

A Single Platform to Manage All of Your Clients’ Voice Projects

Most Alexa skills and Google Actions today are built as one-offs. This immediately becomes a challenge when the client wants to build for both platforms. Amazon and Google have different capabilities and require separate code bases and often modified voice app feature sets. It also becomes a hassle for the client or agency when attempting to manage multiple voice apps through a common process on multiple platforms. Those needs were among the key motivations behind building XAPP’s One Voice AI platform.

One Voice AI is a multi-voice-assistant publishing platform. From a single code base, we can publish simultaneously to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. That means you can also have a single, common content repository and even publish in multiple countries. And, this isn’t limited to Amazon and Google. We use it ourselves to support more than 100 customers and 1,000 voice apps. It is both robust and the most efficient way to deploy and manage enterprise-grade voice apps.

Launch is Day One – Monitoring and Managing Voice Apps in Production

Most agencies face a challenge after completing a voice app project. How can you transition the voice app hosting and maintenance to the client’s IT department? That activity can consume considerable time leading up to launch, place the project at risk, and reduce flexibility in making changes going forward. XAPP makes the post launch hosting, monitoring and management easy while reducing the risk both pre and post-launch.

Few people truly understand what it takes to manage a voice app in production. How are you alerted of errors? How do you know when errors require immediate attention? What about monitoring uptime tracking? What happens if you need to quickly update the content? How can you quickly respond to issues that arise before negative customer reviews start accumulating?

Amazon and Google don’t provide a playbook for these types of issues nor do they offer comprehensive tools. XAPP takes care of this for our customers. The One Voice AI platform provides real-time monitoring and alerting which enables us to react quickly when issues arise. We also have high availability automatic fail-over, low latency deployment across geographic regions, and the ability to update existing content in near real-time. XAPP’s customers get monitoring, management and maintenance from day one. There is no hand-over to an internal IT team that has never worked with the apps before or in a voice computing environment. The launch platform continues as a service optimized for the use case.

Technical Expertise and Relationships with the Leading Voice Platforms

Another thing that many agencies find challenging is keeping up-to-date with each voice assistant platform’s limitations and regular deluge of new features. This is a challenging task even if your sole business is centered on voice technology. Because we have launched and maintained over 1,000 voice apps, we are constantly addressing new challenges and edge cases. And, we are often invited by Amazon and Google to be among the first to implement new features or are the first party to request them.

Agencies find this knowledge and access valuable during design because we can help proactively avoid common problems and design for success. In development and support, our experience often has a big impact when certain features are critical to the user experience.

How to Get Started

At XAPP, we don’t throw a toolset at you and suggest your team can become world class and self-sufficient after a few hours of training. We can provide everything your client needs, end-to-end, from design through ongoing monitoring and support, so everyone can focus on outcomes as opposed to every little voice app project detail and challenge. Or, we can provide just the technical support to ensure successful deployment and provide a seamless transition to production. Agencies approach us with a spectrum of needs and we have built our solution stack to be flexible, robust and comprehensive.

Agencies that are interested in a partnership with XAPPmedia and how we can help you succeed in client projects or win new deals, should reach out anytime by clicking the button below. We will be happy to arrange a call that same week.



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